Frequently Asked Questions


Why Fresh Talent?

We accept people from all walks of life, ages, ethnicities, sizes and shapes. In fact, most clients want ‘real people’ and ‘character faces’, so as far as we’re concerned EVERYBODY has the right look!

What kind of people do you want?

If you can approach each job with an outgoing, relaxed and fantastic attitude no matter the situation, then you’re exactly what we need!

  • Yes! I am 100% reliable, punctual and professional
  • Yes! I enjoy meeting new people and working in different environments
  • Yes! I can handle long hours and lots of waiting around
  • Yes! I can get up at the crack of dawn if I need to

I am a non-resident of NZ, can I still apply?

Yes you can, but ONLY if you hold a VALID VISA with WORK RIGHTS.

Agency Exclusivity

If you decide to join our talent agency, you can only be with us.  For us to represent you in the best way possible, you can't be signed to another agency at the same time.  Most agencies if not all, will have this exclusivity clause.

I don't live in Auckland, can I still apply?

No. We only accept talent who live within the greater Auckland region.  On occasion we may accept talent from as far as Whangarei or Hamilton but you must check with us first before applying.

How do I join Fresh Talent?

Click on the JOIN US tab and complete the online application form.
Before applying you must have the following:

  • Legally able to work in NZ
  • NZ IRD number
  • NZ bank account
  • Recent photos ready to upload
  • Live in Auckland and the greater Auckland area
  • Your own reliable transport 

Are there any joining fees? Yes - but you can pay as you go! Pay nothing upfront!

$99 - 18 years and older
$49 - 17 years and younger

This is a ONE-OFF joining fee which gives you a lifetime membership on our books.
WE DEDUCT YOUR JOIN FEE from your jobs that we book you on.

This means you can join us immediately! 

Do you charge commission?

Yes, we charge 20% including gst on all jobs we book you on and it's deducted from your quoted gross rate.

What are the pay rates like?

For local TV shows, rates start from minimum wage *GROSS per hour and up.  For commercial, photography and film work, the rates vary and can be from $180-300 GROSS per day or up to hundreds or thousands of dollars per job.

*GROSS RATES are always quoted for jobs which means BEFORE commission and tax is deducted.

When do I get paid?

Depending on the type of production, this can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks.
Bear in mind, that the payment timeframe on each job is different, and is dictated by whoever is paying the talent fees to us.
However, as soon as the funds hit our accounts, you are paid ASAP.
We don't hold onto your pay until the next month or when ever the next set payrun date is.

TAX & ACC obligations - please read

- You will become a part-time CONTRACTOR
- You will receive SCHEDULAR PAYMENTS
- Your tax code will be WT
- We DEDUCT your tax (you can choose from 10-20%)
- You are required to FILE a tax return
- You are liable to pay your own ACC levies 

As an extra or actor working for Fresh talent, you are considered a 'part-time self employed' contractor.  This means you can claim certain expenses against any schedular payments we pay you.  It also means you have to file a tax return and then ACC will send you an invoice for their ACC levies.

We strongly suggest you seek professional advice regarding your IRD and ACC obligations whilst working with us.